Are You Truly Eco Friendly?

June 22, 2018


Everyone has that moment in life that inspires them to change, that instance when they realize they've messed up or they perhaps were uninformed about a subject. The first time I felt that emotion was when my boyfriend Jesus challenged my health and ethics regarding my food choices, which then inspired me to go vegan. Next, I watched a documentary with my friend Renee about how polluted our oceans are with plastics and how its harming the sea life as well as the birds that live near the beach. All this new information prompted me to take action.


The next day, and weeks after, I went to the beach to witness it myself and do my part to help clean the shoreline. On the first day I had a huge realization, what I watched in the documentary is true and can even affect the most prestigious beaches. On the beach I found hundreds of pieces of plastics some old, some new and even some from other parts of the world! Occasionally I would come across a toothbrush or toothpaste bottle that would be covered in algae but still fully intact and unharmed by the ocean's currents and elements. This lead me to the next awakening I needed to switch to a biodegradable toothbrush. There is no excuse. 


I found Truly Eco Friendly on Instagram and I loved what they were all about! Products that are Toxin free, environmentally sustainable and vegan! I then got my first pack of bamboo toothbrushes from them and they arrived pretty quickly. I couldn't wait to try them. It was a new feeling for me as I brushed my teeth. The bristles were so soft and gentle on my gums, I thought this would be great for babies and children to use as well. So I asked Truly Eco Friendly.. "why are the bristles so soft?".


Before they schooled me, I thought I knew all I needed to know as far as what an oral hygiene routine should entail. Brush 2-3x per day and floss daily, right? Well, its not that simple. I was using a cheap regular plastic/nylon Oral-B toothbrush but man was I ignorant and uninformed. Turns out that the current toothbrushes we use are actually too rough for our gums which causes bleeding, gum disease and in extreme cases, gum recession. What makes toothbrushes rough is the nylon that are in the bristles. In my head I always thought you needed to brush hard to get all that plaque off your teeth but, it turns out plaque is as soft as yogurt and there is no need to do harm to your teeth and gums to remove plaque.* 


Just the thought that I brushed my teeth for the past 26 years using plastic (aka Nylon) now grosses me out. We all know that plastics are toxic and usually leech out chemicals like BPA. So just imagine what chemicals we have been imbedding into our gums all our lives. 


Truly Eco Friendly is the first company to provide a Nylon-Free and vegan toothbrush in the United States market! I did some research myself and found that most biodegradable toothbrushes use pig hair in their bristles. GROSS. Thank goodness with Truly Eco Friendly we now have a vegan and Nylon-Free toothbrush that is safe for everyone and the environment.


I have partnered up with them to give all my followers free shipping when they purchase toothbrushes from their website! Just use coupon code: vegangirlfriend at checkout. (For purchases in the United States only). You will not regret making this educated switch that helps your oral health and the environment. 


Buy your Nylon-Free toothbrush here --> 



* Check out this great read from the Huffington post written by Dr. Jack Gruber, DDS about Nylon toothbrushes:



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Are You Truly Eco Friendly?

June 22, 2018

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