Eating Vegan is UNHEALTHY!

March 5, 2018

Yup, I said it. Being vegan can be unhealthy and I’m not afraid to say it. First, I’d like to distinguish the difference between eating a whole food plant based and being vegan. Being vegan usually pertains to people who eat foods that do NOT contain animal products including, seafood, meat, dairy or eggs. Their drive behind their diet is ethics. People who are vegan will often eat things like “mock meats”, “mock cheeses”, vegan ice cream, Oreos, etc. that are usually made from processed soy, grains, nuts and/or other ingredients. While this is great for the animals I do not believe it is good for their health. A whole food plant based diet usually applies to people who are on the side of health and reversing disease. They too like vegans, do not eat any animal products, but the key difference here is that people who are on a whole food plant based diet will not consume any food that has been processed. This means they won’t eat processed flours, no refined sugars, oils, and nothing that has been processed or packaged like mock meats and cheeses. Their diet is based on eating complete foods that are grown from the earth. If mother nature didn't create it, they won’t touch it.


Being vegan is easier than ever with today’s conveniences. If you love cheese, guess what there’s vegan cheese. If you love chicken nuggets, we have that too (without the chicken)! It’s so convenient to go to the store and buy all these prepared vegan products and have a quick dinner every night. You won’t even miss eating meat after trying some of these vegan alternatives! But are these processed foods really worth it? What are they doing to our bodies? Additionally, we already know the meat/dairy industry have other interests in mind (in addition to being heavily subsidized by the government). But what about these vegan foods? Do you think these corporations number one motivation is our well-being? The answer to that question is a resounding NO! In 2017 Daiya (a mock cheese company) was bought out by a pharmaceutical company that does animal testing. That same year Field Roast (a mock meat company) was bought out by Canada's largest MEAT producer for $120M. Hmm, makes you think huh? Daiya and Field Roast are not the only companies that are being bought out by non-vegan corporations, there are many others just like them!


Did you know that according to a report by the FDA approximately 80% all of the antibiotics used in the United States are fed to farm animals? If the pharmaceutical companies are providing antibiotics to farmers to feed animals that are breed to be used for human consumption, why wouldn't they put other drugs or harmful chemicals in processed vegan foods? Furthermore, these massive centralized meat corporations only goal is to maximize profits, while keeping their cost low. If these large meat organizations buy out these vegan brands, they might cut corners and could settle on cheaper ingredients at the cost of our health.


Slapping a vegan label in front of packaged foods makes a lot of people think its automatically healthy since vegan foods contain zero cholesterol. Well, many vegans don't understand how bad saturated fats, oils (canola, olive, coconut, sunflower, palm, etc.), refined carbs (white sugar, white flour, packaged foods) are for their health. With heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, alzheimer’s, and kidney disease being some of the top killers in the United States, it’s important to know that vegans can still die from these diseases. We vegans are not bullet proof. Many medical professionals like Dr. Michael Greger discuss how to uproot the leading causes of death and talk about how many of these illnesses are preventable and/or reversible by eating a whole food plant based diet. Most importantly he provides links to the overwhelming body of medical studies and research articles that support his stance on nutrition.


Switching to a whole food plant based diet is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants which are optimal for health and reversing disease, all the while saving the animals, environment and our health. To find out more of the benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle, and what foods to eat and which ones to avoid, you can click on the following links. Forks Over Knives, The Nutritarian Diet


Health is wealth and without it we cannot live to our fullest potential.  




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