Pink Sushi 

Time: 20 Min

Serves 1-2

*This recipe could also include other fresh veggies you love.


-Bamboo sushi mat (to roll the sushi with.. you need this!)

-Avocado slices

-Cucumber cut into thin strips

-Shredded carrots

-Nori Sheets (optional)

-Cooked Sushi Rice

-1 Red Beet

-(optional) Sesame seeds/ Herbs or pickled ginger for topping

How to assemble:

1. Cook sushi rice as instructed on package. (When thats done cooking place some cut up raw beet in the rice and lightly stir every 2-3 min.. don't make the rice too mushy) >>Do this while the rice is still steamy and hot.<<

2. Cover a bamboo sushi mat with plastic wrap. (This keeps the rice from sticking) 

3. Place a sheet of Nori over the plastic. (Or don't use nori)

4. Use your hands or a spoon to spread the rice on the Nori. Leave about 1/2 inch of seaweed empty at the bottom.

5. Arrange the cucumber, avocado and any extra veggies you want across the center of the rice.

6. Next, lift the mat and roll over the vegetables once and press down.

7. Unroll, then roll again towards the exposed end of the seaweed sheet to make a long roll. (You may moisten with a little water to help seal.)

8. Set aside and continue with remaining nori sheets, rice and fillings.

9. Cut the Sushi with a sharp wet knife. Don't feel discouraged if the sushi doesn't cut well. You honestly need a really sharp knife to make perfect cuts. I find that knives with a serrated blade cut best.

10. Top with sesame seeds and/or your favorite herbs (optional)

11. Serve with your favorite sauce! Enjoy!


Recipe By: Jovana Capric

IG: vegan_girlfriend

Gluten Free, Oil Free, Nut Free