Holistic care

Breathe by doTERRA

Stuffy nose? Congestion? Allergies? This product works so well and so fast that you feel it working immediately. I normally apply it to the bridge of my nose and on my chest when ever im stuffy. I must warn you though, essential oils are very strong and must be used sparingly. Do not get this stuff in your eyes. Follow directions from doTERRA. 

Arnica Cream

If you have a toddler or a little one learning to walk in your home, this is a must. We all know at this age they typically fall and get lots of bumps and bruises. This cream works wonders. It speeds up the healing and appearance of bruises. 

Essential Oils and Diffuser

Many people use essential oils to replace their medicine cabinet! There are books available that teach you what oils to blend for different occasions. I personally just buy the already prepared blends like breathe (as mentioned above) that way I don't mess anything up. But I use a diffuser in my home all the time and I love to blend lavender by itself for calming/ relaxing purposes.

Deep Blue by doTerra

To keep up with a healthy lifestyle, we all know exercise is important. This muscle cream feels so cool and relaxing when applied after a workout or even on those days when you're so sore you can't move.