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Soft Bamboo Bristles

  • Each year over 50 million pounds of plastic toothbrushes are thrown into our landfills. Currently none of these toothbrushes are biodegradable, therefore they remain in landfills indefinitely. They end up in our oceans or washed up on our beaches. They are also consumed by marine life, and thousands of fish die from toxins in our oceans. 

  • By choosing a bamboo toothbrush, you can help reduce your carbon footprint. Our packaging is made from recycled paper, our handles are made from pure bamboo, and our bristles are made from activated charcoal and bamboo.

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Flouride Free Toothpaste

This is my personal favorite toothpaste that I've used. It has a good lather and feels foamy like traditional toothpaste. Most importantly my mouth feels so clean after I brush! I usually pick this product up at CVS.

Dr. Sheffield’s Premium Natural Toothpaste contains:

  • No Fluoride

  • No Synthetic Detergents

  • No Synthetic Foaming Agents

  • No Artificial Preservatives

  • No Artificial Flavors

  • No Artificial Colors

  • No Artificial Sweeteners

  • No Genetically Modified Organisms

  • No Animal By-Products or Testing


Aluminum Free Deodorant

Get long lasting odor protection with this 99% naturally derived deodorant. Cotton extract and witch hazel absorb wetness. Lichen extract—a natural antibacterial agent—helps control odor-causing bacteria. Essential oils of sandalwood leave you feeling fresh and clean.


Shower Head Filter

The improved Berkey Shower Filter™ will typically last 20,000 gallons or one year, whichever comes first. While testing was performed under standard laboratory conditions, actual performance may vary. The Berkey Shower Filter™ contains a new and improved shower filtration media, which is most effective in reducing free chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, scale and iron oxide (rust water). The Berkey Shower Filter™ process media works in a wide range of temperatures with a maximum operating temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The Berkey Shower Filter™ is BPA Free.