About Vegan Girlfriend

Hello, my name is Jovana and I have a passion for animal welfare, cooking and beauty. My love for Vegan cuisine pretty much came from cooking for my boyfriend Jesus. When Jesus and I met we both were NOT vegan. Not even close. He was following a Keto diet and primarily consuming high fat and high protein and I was just eating what ever I made him that night for dinner. About 4 or 5 months into our relationship he and I had to dog sit my dog Mac while my mom and brother were visiting our family in Montenegro. During those weeks we were taking care of Mac, Jesus felt a strong bond with him. Mac would sleep on the floor next to the bed or right outside the door when Jesus was sick. Jesus also starting noticing that Mac has his own unique personality that makes him special. This is when Jesus made the connection. He started questioning why do we eat animals and what is the difference between Mac and a cow or a chicken? When Jesus told me he was going vegan, I told him I would support him but I would never be vegan unless there was scientific evidence that would prove that being vegan is healthier than the standard diet/food pyramid that we've all been brainwashed about. At the time I had a few health concerns including; high blood pressure, high cholesterol, irregular menstrual cycles, a leaky valve in my heart, ovarian cysts, and anemia (keep in mind I was in my early 20's). So if going vegan was going to improve my health I said I would make the switch. A few months later, Jesus sent me an hour long presentation video by Dr. Michael Gregor addressing the top killers in the U.S. and how most of them are preventable/reversible. This video convinced me to go vegan for 30 days. I told Jesus if I feel better by 30 days I'll stick to it. During those 30 days I watched Forks over Knives, and a few other vegan documentaries and they kept pointing evidence that shows that being vegan is much healthier than the standard American diet. After the 30 days was over I felt great so I stuck with it! I waited a whole year of being vegan so that I could do a before vegan and after vegan blood work test at my doctors office. Well, after a year of eating strictly plant based I was able to reverse my high cholesterol, high blood pressure and anemia. I also had the doctor check to see if I was deficient on any vitamins and guess what, I had every vitamin I needed! Even B12 levels were perfect! This was the icing on the cake for me. I felt like I needed to tell the world about how great being vegan is! This is when I got on social media and starting sharing my plant based meals I would cook. When I signed up for Facebook I joined a bunch of vegan groups. In those groups people were sharing horrible videos of how animals are treated in different industries like the fur industry, meat industry, egg industry, leather industry, etc. After seeing those posts, I became an Ethical Vegan. Since then, I began spreading the word through social media which has encouraged others to go vegan as well. I love when people reach out to me to let me know that my posts have changed their view of how they view food and animals. Although you may be just one person, one person is enough to change the world. If you want to see less cruelty in the world, start with your food choices. The root of all evil is the belief that some lives matter more than others. Choose compassion. Go vegan.

Vegan Girlfriend